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Hugo Woesthuis

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34 min kijktijd

Via youtube

Delen |
Zondag, 26 December 2010, 03:42
Close "clear-air" lightning bolt!
This massive clear air bolt (cloud-to-ground lightning bolt) hit about 200-250m away from our location. Here in Darwin, Australia these bolts can leap 15-20km away from the main storm striking a dry area surrounding the storm. You don't see me in the frame for good reason as I was in my car! :P :OA photo was captured using a Canon 1DMark IV and lightning trigger made by Stepping Stone Products, LLC - www.lightningtrigger.com Photo can be seen here: www.flickr.com The bolt hits near the base of the tree as a large puff of dust can be seen after the initial strike! Thanks to Jacci for providing some foreground entertainment! :D


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