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Toegevoegd: 2011-11-25 09:52:44 door: sara0503
In order to make the customers enjoy more happiness when browsing the site, mostbrand.com have upgrated its site system and we decide to change the name into http://mostbrand.nl . The layout of mostbrand.nl are more fascinating. In order to celebrate the coming of Christmas, there also hold many discount activities.


Toegevoegd: 2011-11-26 04:28:33 door: sara0503
Yes, the mostbrand.nl is the mostbrand.com's upgrated new site. I also purchase at mostbrand.com. They sent an email to tell me that they have upgrated the site system and decide to use mostbrand.nl to replace mostbrand.com. The new mostbrand.nl's layout are more beautiful and they are holding discount activities now in order to celebrate the Christmas Day. Hope that will help you.

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