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You might know what people are saying on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace - but do you know what videos are being published about your brand on the popular video networks? If you don’t you are probably missing out on some great stories - good and bad. It pays to know what videos people are publishing - just ask Dominos.

You can deploy the easy to use yubby technology to monitor over 20 popular video networks and find out what people are publishing about your brand. It’s even possible to receive alerts when a new video about your brand is published. Our tools are designed to keep you on top of what is being published about you in the videosphere.

Brand management in de videosphere is easy with the yubby tools. It’s perfect for companies who want to track their brands, or agencies who want to track the videosphere for their clients. Contact us to find out more about the possibilities and pricing.

Video alerts

Get an alert when a new video is published about your brand or any other keyword you configure on any of the popular video websites.

Search anywhere

Know what video has been published about your brand or products by searching 20+ popular video websites with one keystroke.

Team share

You can share any video with teams with just one click so everyone can stay on top of what is being published.

Track statistics

Get updates on how many times a video is being watched so you know what is going viral.

Publish your praise

Yubby can integrate with you current website so you can publish reviews or mentions of your product or brands with one click.

Perfect for agencies

We make agencies look good by enabling them to keep clients up-to-date about the videos being published about them.

With Yubby for brand management we keep you in the loop about what is said about your brand, product or client. Contact us to find out about the possibilities and pricing.

Your custom solution

Do you have your own idea how you can apply Yubby technology in your organization? Our Yubby Enterprise team can work with you to create it! Read more...

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