Yubby for education

Online video can be utilized as an excellent tool for education either to support the teaching materials or to teach students how to filter important information. The yubby technology is optimized for this use and is currently being used by several schools and institutions. The popularity of online video with students makes can transform something fun into something very educational.

Besides being able to search popular video websites yubby also includes several high quality video websites like Blip.tv, Vimeo and TED. These are excellent video sources to support any teaching material or subject. Within yubby students and teachers are able to work in teams by sharing admin rights to channels.

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Put students to work

Students can use Yubby as a valuable research tool or as an addition to any report or paper.

Multimedia curriculum

Yubby makes it easy to include video from university classes, legendary speeches, and science experiments to your curriculum.

Activate your students

Online video is most popular in the 14 to 24 demographic. Yubby enables you to make something they love to do into something very educational.

Add any video source

Yubby makes it easy to add your own video content or include a new website. We can add virtually any existing internal or external video source to Yubby.

No coding needed

There is no need to configure upload storage, conversion, or legal issues. Yubby uses the power of the most popular video websites already out there. Putting them to work for you was never easier.

Seamless integration

We will make sure all video content is seamlessly integrated on your schools own website. Publishing can be done with one click.

Hans Rosling

Listen to what Professor Hans Rosling has to say about using Yubby for education. Click here


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Your custom solution

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